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thecompetitionsblog.com (TCB) is an informative website which seeks to publicize competitions under the following categories in order to provide better access to information for those who wish to participate or for those who wish simply to stay informed. The categories are: Architecture and Engineering . Based on popularity and demand more categories may be added to the site.

TCB is a website where the winners of these competitions are announced. We provide basic information for participation and most importantly, a link to the contest website. We publish the different competitions that are organized worldwide as they come in and try to filter those competitions that are “fake” or “scams” in order to provide our viewers with relevent information.
In order to better serve our viewers the world over, we are currently having the site translated to the following languages: French, Manderin and German. Veiwers will be notified as these sites come online.
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thecompetitionsblog.com (TCB) is part of the Sabcomm Group, based in Montreal, Quebec.