Architecture Competitions

Architecture competitions

“An architectural design competition is a type of competition in which an organization or government body that plans to construct a new building invites architects to submit a design proposal. The winning design is usually chosen by an independent panel of design professionals and stakeholders (such as government and local representatives). This procedure is often used to generate new ideas for the building design, to stimulate public debate, to generate publicity for the project, and to allow emerging designers the opportunity to gain exposure. Architecture competitions are often used to award commissions for public buildings: in some countries rules for tendering public building contracts stipulate some form of mandatory open architectural competition.[1]
Winning first prize in a competition is not a guarantee that the project will be completed. The commissioning body often has the right to veto the winning design, and both requirements and finances may change, thwarting the original intention. The 2002 World Trade Center site design competition is an example of a highly publicized competition where only the basic elements of the winning design by Daniel Libeskind will appear in the finished project.

For more than 2500 years there have been Architectural competitions in one form or another and in that time there are certainly winners and there are losers. Our goal is to present competitions so that those who are up to the challenge have the possibility to join, to show off their talents and outshine the competition to emerge as the winners.
In the spirit of competitions worldwide is now offering to locate and publish competitions in Engineering and all its related fields. We are doing this because we feel that both engineering and architecture are a good fit. Also to offer our viewers more options. (TCB) is an informative website which seeks to publicize competitions under the following categories in order to provide better access to information for those who wish to participate or for those who wish simply to stay informed. The categories are: Architectural design and Engineering. Based on popularity and demand more categories may be added to the site.
TCB is a website where the winners of these competitions are announced. We provide basic information for participation and most importantly, a link to the contest website. We publish the different competitions that are organized worldwide as they come in and try to filter those competitions that are “fake” or “scams” in order to provide our viewers with relevant information.
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