One Result

In this page you can submit ONE result of any: Design, Architecture, Urbanism or Engineering competition. It is 100% free and it will reach thousands of our website vistors and Social media followers.

– What does ONE result mean?

This form is to submit only one result, for example, just the winner, or just third place, or just one honorific mention, etc and not the whole and complete results of the competition. This is ideal for individuals or firms that won or obtained a recognition on a competition and want to let the world know using or website and social media.

If you want to submit more than one result, for example: 1st place, 2nd place, honorable mentions, etc, etc then please use this submittal form: Multiple Results Form.

  • Before submitting please do a search on our site to make sure the results haven’t been submitted previously.
  • All the submissions are moderated by a member of our team before they are published. TheCompetitionsBlog (TCB) reserves the right to publish or not the submitted results.
  • One of our team members could contact you via email to request aditional details or to confirm the information. Please make sure your contact email is working.
  • Please make sure all the fields of the forma are complete and correct.
  • Thanks!.