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There has never been a castle on the hill of Cadbury. Arthur, if ever existed, never wore a shiny armour. Embankments covered with grass, mud huts, leather clothes – all of them create the world of the King of the Brits. Did he ever exist? Who was he? Are we to believe in the true origin of the ancient stories and medieval references?

Only by standing on the hill of Cadbury Castle, beyond hills of Somerset – admiring views, landscape, nature and with a consciousness of achievements from two thousand years, can we finally find the truth about King Arthur’s world.

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1st Prize Competition Camelot Research & Visitrors Center

Camelot Research & Visitors Center project allows to feel the atmosphere of the Cadbury Hill and find yourself in the space of the King of Brits’ fortress several centuries later. Tree circles that cover the existing embankment along with the green field make the core of the design. In harmony with the rules of the round table, all of those three circles are equally important in spite of their differences.

Visitors are lead through the ramp, integrated withe the Iron Age ground embankment, from the very beginning of the path up to the hill. The Camelot guests have to encounter “the history”, take a look around the Somerset land, stop next to the most important places of the hill. At the end of their journey, those who are curious about King Arthur’s history, can finally broaden their knowledge by entering the museum.

The elements of Cadbury teach and provide recreation space. Furthermore, via their existence they generate activities and participation of the local community, inhabitants of the region, people from all over the world fascinated with King Arthur’s legend, history and culture of Europe.

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