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South Cadbury Hillfort is located in the limit of two small villages: North Cadbury and South Cadbury.

Nowadays, the access to the hill summit, where it is believed that Camelot has existed, a castle related to King Arthur’s legend, is done through South Cadbury.
This aproach demands a common understanding of the summit and of the village as a single unit. That way, it is suggested the creation and recognition of a pathway that connects these two limits.

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1st Prize Competition Camelot Research & Visitrors Center

Following this thought, the program is divided in two interventions.

The creation of a yard, the research centre and the library in the urban agglomeration, to increase the interaction among the villagers and the visitors of Camelot.
The implantation is the result of a reading of the existing registration and is defined as a cover designed as an extension of the topography.

It is a permeable building and the inner pathway extends itself to the outside through a ramp which creates a void in the coverage, punctuated by a golden plan that indicates the start of the pathway allowing at the same time the design of a lantern that lightens in a dramatic way the library reading zone. The access to the hill summit is done through a pathway with an intrinsic relation with nature. It is intended to be introspective and to improve personal imagination.

The museum, a cylindrical element located at the limit of the hill perimeter, marks the landscape and increases the silence that precedes the arrival at the summit. The museum and the pathway are now developing together, in a growing spiral telling the story of the village and of King Arthur’s legend.

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