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Did Camelot ever exist? Historically, certainly not. Within the realms of tales and songs however, Camelot has an indisputable reality and appears since many centuries now. It is a legend spun around a hollow core, wrapped around a void. The concept of the museum reflects this phenomenon, leaving the pittoresque site of Cadbury Hill almost as found. The visitor will find himself on a pilgrimage towards something that he carries within himself. The small architectonic interventions, carefully placed along the ancient fortifications, are themed in order to invigorate a very personal vision – all built on slender and wooden pilotis to avoid damage of the heritage which lies everywhere beneath.

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1st Prize Competition Camelot Research & Visitrors Center

It is a constant travel, showing various exhibits in nooks along a spiral ramp within the buildings. Three stages encompass this path: Legend, Reception & Excavation, their themes ranging from vague to factual. To provoke an architectural primitivity, the outside of the architectures are kept plain and window-less in form of simple coulisses. A system of vertical shafts within the inner walls bring daylight into the nooks and the inside in order to illuminate the exhibits naturally. Between each of the houses, the beholder will find himself within the miraculous woods, growing around Cadbury Hill since centuries.

On the top of the hill, the visitor will be left within personal contemplation. Leaving through the same gate as entered through, one might have experienced what the essence of Camelot is.

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