Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive
Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



To enrich neighborhood complexity through a new spatial condition. Our project is characterized as an “urban void”; a reflected image of our building and a medium of interaction with the city.

In order to redefine the logic of the existing building and mesh it with our “unknown building”, we propose superimposing the existing building’s program onto the Tokyo Replay Center (TRC). This allows us to redefine the plot by providing a previously non-existent interconnected relationship between building and void.

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

The piazza gradually descends the visitor to the point of discovering the façade’s frontality. Designed to interact with the TRC, the open-air piazza, doubling as an auditorium, exposes the building’s social elements including the potential to host concerts, karaoke contests, movie screenings, etc. Beneath the piazza, the auditorium is found as an inverse of the piazza itself. It functions as a multipurpose room with the ability to accommodate smaller events and conferences.

Our blade-like building, 7m wide by 45m long, climbs up ten levels, and is comprised of three easily distinguishable portions. The first portion is comprised of three levels dedicated to common area usage. The second portion overlooks the plaza and houses the karaoke complex comprised of 66 chambers ranging in size from SMALL to LARGE. This façade is transformed via an interactive QUANTUM GLASS™ and serves as the building’s envelope facing the piazza. The LED glass wall harmoniously connects people and place. During the day, the façade can be altered, allowing more or less light to enter the building depending on the needs of the building’s users. At night, the façade can be utilized as a media communication screen (45x15m) integrating it with the district’s personality. The karaoke portion’s façade inclines 10° accentuating the theatrical experience of the piazza. On the two upper levels dedicated to retail, the last phase overlooks the city skyline with 2000m² of open space offering flexible floor plans that can be tailored to meet tenant needs according to the program of this “unknown building”.

Combining simplicity and modernity, our proposal is qualified by its adjacent void rather the building itself.

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