Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive
Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



The design of the Tokyo Replay Centre serves a higher function than to provide a mere outlet for recreation in 21st century Tokyo. It is also an oasis, exploring those long lost childhood memories of pleasure and bliss.

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

Think back to all those times as a kid when you would drag your parents to either the comic book shop, toy store, or video game depot. And as they stood by the exit impatiently clicking their heel, you wander through the maze of shelves upon shelves of treasure, eyes hungrily swallowing up the merchandise and wishing you can have it all.

And thats what the Tokyo Replay Centre is prepared to offer. With a design that is inspired by the idea of toy store shelves, guests can enter and select anything and everything from the wall. No longer are they restricted to comments like “you already play too much video games!”, or “we don’t want you watching too much anime!”. Indeed, it truly represents a haven where users really in fact can have anything they desire.

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