Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive
Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



As an undisputed Mecca for Otaku culture, Akihabara already has an overwhelming amount of shops and centres that accommodate every dream Otakus might have. So in order to make this new centre viable it must offer something different to what is already there; A spatially exiting social arena!

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

To create a common space for people to meet and interact, one has sought a strong spatial connection between the private media rooms and the common areas. This intertwining of programs creates an open building with free circulation that facilitates improvised and spontaneous social interaction. To establish this connection the media rooms define squares that function as public mediatheques. In order to fully combine the two programs, the media rooms’ exterior is modified in order to accommodate useful functions for the mediatheque, such as bookshelves, showcases and other furnitures.

Each square is organized in two visually connected floors with disparate characters. While the first floors is introverted with a good overview to make it easy to find the wanted products, the second floor is extroverted and more labyrinthine, where the sequential space arrangement creates constantly shifting views of the square and the outside world of Akihabara.

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