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Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



Around the Way is about public. Sometimes one does not need a building to dwell or to play. Around the way is made of three different types of spaces.

The first space is the ground floor area or social workshop. It is a large covered open space with only two enclosed areas (two shops – manga/anime and films/video games). This space can simply serve as a way for walking through, connecting the two adjacent streets, , like an exension of the “my way” passage. It is also a social place for people to gather and do as they please, ready for gaming, talking, sitting, singing and all kinds of activities that would characterize this tipology, with the difference that it is a truly open public space instead of a building.

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

The second space is the upper level open-air plaza which can be accessed through the spiral staircase, the stores or through the auditorium stairs. The auditorium is a special element that connects both floors. Anyone can come and speak up or just sing a song. This upper plaza is a gathering place, a dating space, a space to bring your lunch and sit quietly eating, a space to have a sake. It gives access to the wheel, the third and most important element. It is an extension of the inferior place but with this extra of being a place with a view, a higher moment on the project.

The wheel is a ferris-wheel we designed based on the common aspects of such a typology. We wanted a different way of offering the karaoke rooms. Something that would allow for isolated, enclosed spaces, but that felt a little more refreshing than a series of rooms in a building. People can relate to the city but they can also distance themselves while engaging in this ever so popular activity. Each capsule is a karaoke room: it is a closed place where people can be alone or in small groups and they can either use it to sing and be a bit away from the city, high-above, or just as a more advantageous way to look at Tokyo.

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