Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive
Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



The vision for the Tokyo Replay Center is a building that not only allows for performances, but is itself a performer. The most dynamic part of the building is the modular series of rented pods which protrude from a central core. Multiple pods can be moved into alignment and opened to accommodate various size groups and functions creating connectivity amongst the pods that are seemingly separate entities. Users have the ability to personalize their space by projecting an image onto it thought the use of internal projectors that cast an image onto the interior of each room, transforming the walls into whatever the inhabitant desires from a karaoke monitor to a large scale anime film. Occupants can also control the exterior appearance of their room by projecting an image on it; showy costumed performers can project themselves onto the exterior of their pod, while more modest occupants might prefer to choose an alternate image to maintain the intimacy of their group. When the physical movement of the pods is enhanced by a variety of exterior images, the building becomes truly animated. The changing form of the building is one which responds to the changing function of the space. The Tokyo Replay Center is a form which is in a constant state of flux and is continually fabricated by the collective imagination.

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

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