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Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive



Politeness forms an important part of the Japanese personality. Part of this politeness includes an indirectness, which graciously disguises true emotions. For this reason, many Japanese have their own private lifestyle which they can enjoy without being interrupted by anyone else. Even a slight notice of their neighbor knowing what they are trying to do could be a big problem for them when carrying out such activities.

This project aims to guarantee privacy as much as possible so that people (especially otaku or maniacs) can enjoy their own spaces. The TRC thoroughly guarantees privacy and anonymity from the moment a person enters, until the moment he/she gets out.

Winners of the Competition Tokyo Replay Center

TRC’s operating principle is similar to a vending machine that can be commonly seen in Japan. When a consumer chooses a product from the vending machine, the product falls to the bottom of the machine and is delivered to the consumer. Based on a similar principle, when a user selects certain programs from the TRC, the selected spaces come to users through mechanical power. Contrary to a normal vending machine where a third party can see what the consumers chooses, the TRC guarentees secrecy so that only the consumer can know what “space goods” are chosen. In the end, the entire process of users entering, staying and leaving the room is carried out privately.

All of these secret process are performed through basic skeletal structures and sufficient mechanical power. So while the privacy of what is happening within the TRC is guarenteed, the movements of the modules themselves are exposed to the people outside. In other words, people would be able to see the noisy dynamic movements of a ‘living vending machine’ without knowing about what is going on inside. This dynamic building will easily establish itself as a cultural icon of the area, since it is in accord with small-unit culture or module culture of Japan that is gradually popular.

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