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Competition 120 Hours

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Architecture Competition
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Submission: February 6, 2013

Registration: February 1, 2013

Prizes: 1st Prize 4.000 €     2nd Prize 2.000 €    3rd Prize 1.000 €

Type: Open to architecture students.

120 Hours is an independent competition organized by students on a non-profit, voluntary basis without the involvement of a school administration. The organizing committee of 120 Hours is recruited from the student masses of the three main architecture schools in Norway, BAS, AHO and NTNU.

120 offers fresh ideas on relevant architectural topics while giving students a voice in the current architectural discourse. 120 is challenging and fun to participate in, and will give students a relevant first encounter with architectural competitions.

120 Hours goes to Bergen in 2013, and will focus on the west coast of Norway.

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