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Competition Temporary sheltering spaces

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Architecture competition
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Submission: March 15, 2013

Registration: March 15, 2013

Prizes: 1st Prize 2.500 €     2nd Prize 1.500 €    3rd Prize 1.000 €

Type: Open competition for young architects

Single stage ideas competition open to young architects worldwide in accordance with UIA-UNESCO regulations.

The main aim of the Event is to evaluate the architectural responses to the needs of temporary housing and open them to debate. Furthermore, the provision of temporary housing needs of disaster victims is expected to be considered as a spatial configuration and a stage for examining the current developments in material and structural systems. Thereof, the temporary housing settlements – which came forth as a result of disasters – are expected to produce the outcome of increase in the quality of architectural design.

The participants of the competition are required to define a context of a disaster of their choice, to produce demountable design proposals for temporary housing units and settlements in an economic and practical way. Both visual and textual formats are going to be used for the presentation of the design proposals.

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