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Competition Move Post+Capitalist

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Architecture design competition
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Submission: April 15, 2013

Registration: April 15, 2013 (30€)

Prizes: 1st Prize 65% of the final amount     2nd Prize 35%  of the final amount

Type: Open competition for professionals and students.

MOVE is the 4th competition of the Post+Capitalist City series that ask the participants to show their ideas to re-think how we move, how we migrate and a city with another system of moving culture and structure.

Internet and technologies reduce the distances to the information. However, if the virtual traffic operates in nano-seconds, the real one causes extensive troubles in the main metropoles in terms of time and energy waste. How would the transportation systems be influenced, from the small scale networks to the global ones? What about tourism?


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