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Competition Urban farm park

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Landscape architecture
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Submission: March 25, 2013

Registration: March 25, 2013

Prizes: 105.000 € spread in 4-6 prizes.

Type: Open competition for landscape architects and architects.

Competition organized by the Republic and Canton of Geneva to build an urban farm park at the point where the continuous conurbation connects with the new regional hub of Bernex. This park will provide a continuing country vista between two green spurs (between the Rivers Rhône and Aire), while offering developments to meet the leisure needs of the local population.

The Bernex development into the countryside will be accompanied by pilot projects to facilitate the relationship between the urban and rural spheres. The project will boost agricultural activity, which has been affected by the loss of farmland. In partnership with the agricultural sector, the ambition is to design a public park which is both rural and urban in nature, and provide it with a place frequented by visitors

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