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Architecture competition
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Submission: May 17, 2013
Registration: March 29, 2013
Language: Italian
Location: Bergamo, Italy.
Prizes: 5 Prizes of € 5.000 for each selected team for the second stage.
Type: Open competition in two stages for E.U. architects.

Architectural competition sponsored by Mazzoleni SpA based in Bergamo area since 1907 in the field of iron and metal. The contest is to prepare a master plan for the conversion of industrial sites owned by Marconi SpA Mazzoleni. The site, covering an area of ​​32,340 m2, has undergone a process of dismantling that has lasted for years and ended in late 2012 with the move of the latest administrative offices. The scope of the intervention is part of the plan document PGT and called AT 8 (area of ​​transformation n ° 8). The requested project expect, a part of the definition of the volumetric plan and building types, a particular attention to the relationship of the intervention with the surrounding environment and the quality standards.

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