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Competition Kindergarten Dolzago

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Architecture competition
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Submission: May 3, 2013
Registration: May 3, 2013
Language: Italian
Location: Dolzago, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize 5.000 $     2nd Prize 3.000 $    3rd Prize € 2.000
Type: Open competition for architects

Architectural competition to design a new kindergarten for 100 children in Dolzago nearby currently equipped areas with the Elementary School, the Post Office, City Hall, with its square and recreational park. It is accessible from Viale Montecuccoli and public parking in Via Parini.

The Council will adopt the following criteria:
1. Architectural appearance and functional distribution: (maximum 45 points)
2. Insertion in the context of the intervention: (20 points)
3. Technology and Environmental Sustainability: (20 points)
4. Estimated costs of construction and operation (max. 15 points)

The Selection Committee will assign to each proposal a maximum of 100 points divided as described above. A proposal must obtain a minimum score of 60/100 to qualify for the awards.

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