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Competition Los Bajos de Roquetas de Mar

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Architecture competition

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Submission: July 5, 2013
Registration: Not required
Language: Spanish
Location: Roquetas de Mar, Spain
Prizes: 5 Prizes of € 5.000 each for the 5 seected teams for the second stage, and comisson for the winner team.
Type: Open competition for architects.

International architectural competition organized by the municipality of Roquetas de Mar for the drafting of a public space in order to regenerate the area of ​​”Los Bajos” (the ground level building space) in the commercial and urban center of Roquetas de Mar.

This zone is located in the space between Av. Juan Carlos I and Av. Aduana and Reina Sofía y José María Cagigal, a hub of the town that will open to the public offering cultural alternatives, sports and entertainment aimed at all ages.

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In the project, which is divided into two phases, has a direct involvement the Almería Architects Association that acts as technical committee and will participate with other members of the jury that will determine the best proposals. To this end, the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar will award the top 5 projects with 5,000 euros each, and the best of them will be requested by the City of Roquetas de Mar to draft the final project.

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