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Competition Housing in the private rental market

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Architecture competition RIBA

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Submission: August 28 5, 2013
Registration: August 21, 2013
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize £ 6.000     2nd Prize £ 3.000    3rd Prize £ 2.000    4th Prize £ 1.000
Type: Open competition for architects.

International architecture competition that invites  architects to speculate on new ideas for typologies and neighbourhood arrangements to cater for the private rented development, creating truly flexible homes and communities, and other benefits for those privately renting. The Wates Group and the RIBA hope to demonstrate that these fresh ideas for the suburban private rented sector can suit the emerging demographic and be viable and desirable.

The competition is asking designers to re-imagine a typical but hypothetical residential development of 250 houses for sale into a viable, attractive and high quality privately rented community in the suburbs,with an idea about density which balances land costs against suburban ideals.

What would such a development be like? What sort of homes might be appropriate? What encourages people to create a community and how can this thinking be incorporated into the design of a rental development?

This exploration should be at the level of site ideas (placemaking) and typologies of units (homemaking). The organisers are not looking for detailed proposals or cost plans, but it is important designers speculate on ideas of layouts and costs.

The designs might address site layouts and arrangements, shared and communal spaces and facilities, private and shared gardens, suitable housing typologies and the range of accommodation choices available in the neighbourhood. The proposals can explore ideas on the definitions of types, density, use, volume and area, quality, enabling change and flexibility, amenity and place, sustainability and ease of maintenance. Thoughts on what is missing in existing developments for sale, and other issues of their choice can all be included as part of the entrants response.