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International architecture competition

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Submission: September 20, 2013
Registration: September 20, 2013
Language: English or Russian
Location: Moscow, Russia
Prizes: Prize for the participants in the second stage     1.200.000 Roubles (€36.000)
Type: Open competition for architects.

International architecture competition organised by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation for the architectural concept of museum and exhibition complex of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts.

The open international Competition will be held in two stages. During Stage 1 the Jury will select ten participants: five from the candidates who filed qualification applications containing all the necessary information about the participants, and five from the candidates who have developed preliminary architectural concepts for the museum. In Stage 2 the teams receive the competition brief and develop their architectural concepts, and the Jury selects three finalists.

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The new building of the National Center for Contemporary Art in Khodynskoye Pole (Moscow) must become the main national institution and a focus for all possible ventures in the sphere of contemporary art. These include young artists’ projects and luminaries’ exhibitions; the Center’s own collection and those of other institutions and private collections; the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the National Contemporary Art award; open lectures and movie shows; professional conferences; publishing programs and an e-library; concerts and performances; an art school for children; artists’ studios; a café and a bookstore, etc. The NCCA will unite people who create, develop, support, and promote contemporary art. Entering the Center, every visitor must feel not just as if he were in Moscow or Russia but in a world-scale Center of Contemporary Art, a significant point on the map of the museum world.

The new Centre building in Moscow will become a national bank of knowledge about modern art and will form a large-scale permanent exposition. It will organize modern, highly professional exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects. In addition, it must attract a great number of visitors, including a whole new audience who would not traditionally have visited such a museum. It is to be an institution with a developed museum infrastructure (a cafe, a club, a bookstore and gift shops, a room for children’s activities, etc.), a research center and an educational program, the purpose of which is to familiarize a wide range of visitors — Muscovites and tourists, children and adults, those with previous experience of such art or those without — with the art of the past decades and excite interest in this sphere of world culture.

The new building of the Center must become a platform for the development of creative thinking and must be independent and distinctive. It will be a place of intellectual potency which will enrich the Khodynskoe Pole area with its unique character and beautify Moscow’s architectural landscape.

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