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Competition DraWing – What’s your vision?

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Ideas competition for architecture students

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Submission: November 11, 2013
Registration: November 11, 2013
Language: English
Location: Cambridge, UK
Prizes: 6 x 1st Prize £ 1.000     6 x 2nd Prize £ 750    6 x 3rd Prize £ 500    Public Choice Prize  £ 1.000
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students

International ideas competition that asks entrants to explore the character of Cambridge by designing a house type for a new development on the edge of the City.

The character of Cambridge’s urban fabric has been influenced over time by the construction of a variety of private dwellings; medieval core, Georgian town houses, Victorian workers’ cottages through to pre/post war estates, 1960’s blocks and contemporary infill and fringe developments. Each area has its own character- which together with the places forwork, study, leisure and culture – contributes to the essence of the city.

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Historically, the material language of Cambridge has been characterised by locally sourced Cambridge buff brick and creamy ooliticKetton limestone – with variations and additions to this basic palette resulting in a diverse richness of detail across the spectrum of buildings and streetscapes.

We are asking people who understand the essence of Cambridge to provide ideas forthe design of a single dwelling – focusing on the external character, detail, fabrication and materiality of the Wing Development. What should the essence of this new place be – and how will it be manifest in the fabric and articulation of the built environment?

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