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Competition AWR Natural City

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Ideas competition of architecture

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Submission: March 9, 2013
Registration: February 25, 2013
Language: English
Location: Romr, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize € 1.500     2nd Prize € 1.000    3rd Prize € 500
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students

International ideas competition of architecture for the New Berlin Natural Science Museum. The site area is located in the west of Berlin, near the popular Zoo of the city.

Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has had an eventful history. Excavations from 2008 suggest that the city may be even older than was previously assumed: state archaeologists have discovered an oakbeam that probably dates back to 1183. Almost no other metropolis has experienced such frequent, radical change transforming the face of the city. Although Berlin saw steady growth in its importance, dazzling epochs alternated with darker eras. Nevertheless, the formerly divided city has succeeded in becoming a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Europe.

Museums have historically been centers of research, education, and public outreach. While most people think of natural history museums as places for public entertainment, the importance of museum specimen collections for documenting historical and present-day patterns of biological diversity cannot be overstated. The role of natural history museum in the life of a nation involves: conducting research into the vast natural history heritage and biodiversity of the country; serving as a repository, of natural objects, source materials and taxonomists in that country; creating scientic awareness; on natural history resources of the nation through annotated exhibitions for public enlightenment in display galleries, publications works hops and human development etc., natural history museum prepares data bases on natural history resources, ecological diversity of the country and thus facilitate an information-retrieval system on them for use by the public, tourists and the scientic community as a basis for sustainable development.