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Competition School Centre in Créteil

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Restricted architecture competition for architects

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Application Submission: December 13, 2013
Language: French
Location: Créteil, France
Prizes: € 60.000 for each selected team.
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 4 teams selected.

Restricted competition for the reconstruction of the “des Buttes” school in the French city of Créteil.

The operation aims to start rebuilding the school complex “des Buttes” in its original location, with the maintenance of school activities throughout the site. This will force performing works in three main phases.

  • 1. The construction of the new elementary school and public areas,
  • 2. Construction of the new center,
  • 3. The construction of the gym and other rooms.

The rebuilt school will set a total of approximately 6,250 square meters.

The estimated cost of the work is of € 16,507,860 HT.

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