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Competition Area fluviale Bressanone

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Competition Area fluviale Bressanone

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Submission: April 15, 2014
Registration: April 15, 2014
Language: Italian
Location: Bressanone, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize € 20.000     2nd Prize € 14.000    3rd Prize € 8.500    Recognitions € 14.000
Type: Open competition for architects in a single stage.

International architectural ideas competition aimed at developing an innovative and functional design of high creative value to the performance for a HQ100 flood protection and improvement of the river area as attractive living space within the urban area of Bressanone , Italy.

From the studies performed to date , particularly in the context of ” CittàPaeseFiume ” is derived from the project area and surroundings of Bressanone a significant flood risk. At risk was deemed particularly the urban area of ​​Bressanone, in particular the area between the indoor pool to the north ( Aquarena / Priel area) and the sports area to the south.

The objective of this ideas competition is to identify appropriate measures to protect on one hand the established area of ​​Bressanone, and on the other hand, the improvement of the entire river area as a container of live , by insertion into the urban tissue, and at the same time to promote and restore the good ecological status of water .

The objective will be achieved through the optimal and economical combination of structural mesures. It is required to consider aspects transversely like flood protection, aquatic ecology , development of settlements, the urban tissue and tourism.