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Competition Reperimetral

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Competition Reperimetral

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Submission: March 10, 2014
Registration: February 17, 2014
Language: English or Portuguese
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Prizes: 1st Prize R$ 1.000 (€300)      2nd Prize R$ 500 (€150)    3rd Prize R$ 200 (€60)
Type: Open competition for architecture students and young architects.

International ideas competition RE-PERIMETRAL which goal is the reuse of the steel beams from the Perimetral elevated highway.

The Perimetral elevated highway contains 905 corten steel beams 40m long. RE-PEPERIMETRAL contest absorbs half a century of the elevated highway‘s life, as a “caterpillar” that now mutates and is ready to fly.

The same components, the same material, now transformed by new ideas that will call upon this Rio that has not been born yet.

The main interest is the city transformation process. The world Cup and the Olympics are transforming some of Rio de Janeiro’s structure, but the deeper transformation will be the renovation of ideas.

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