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Students Competition 120 Hours

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Students Competition 120 Hours

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Submission: February 17, 2014
Registration: February 17, 2014
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize NOK 30.000 ($5.000)     2nd Prize NOK 15.000 ($2.500)    3rd Prize NOK 7.500 ($1.250)
Type: Open competition for architecture students.

120 HOURS is the world’s largest and most prestigious student-driven architecture competition, created for and by architecture students.

120 HOURS introduced a brand new competition format, where students are given 120 hours to solve a complex and socially relevant assignment. By addressing topical discussions in both public and  architecture debate, the competition aims to be a contributor of new thoughts and discussions within both social and cultural discourse.

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120 HOURS is an independent competition organized on a non-profit, voluntary basis without the involvement of a school administration. 120 aims to give students a voice in the current architectural discourse. It is challenging and fun to participate in, and gives students a relevant first encounter with architectural competitions. In short, we want to give deserving young talents a head start at the game.

The competition is 120 hours of intense work. Open for students from all over the world. You can either enter as a single person, or in teams of up to three persons working together.

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