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Green Square Design Competition: Gunyama Park and Aquatic Centre

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Green Square Design Competition: Gunyama Park and Aquatic Centre

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Submission: April 30, 2014
Registration: April 30, 2014
Language: English
Location: Sydney, Australia
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 50.000 (AUD) for the 5 selected teams for the stage 2
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages.

The City of Sydney invites architects and landscape architects to enter a design competition to create a new park and aquatic leisure centre for the Green Square area.

The winning design will combine a precinct recreation park with a state-of-the-art aquatic leisure facility, meeting the City’s design excellence standards.

The City’s vision
Our vision for the Gunyama Park and Green Square Aquatic Centre development is for an all-inclusive physical activity hub. A recreation park for the whole precinct combined with a state-of-the-art aquatic leisure facility will meet the health, fitness and recreational needs of the large and diverse local community of residents and workers. It will be a place that caters for people of all backgrounds and abilities, with a joyful and stimulating environment to encourage active lifestyles.

Activating the inner south
Gradually changing from an industrial centre to an urban redevelopment area, Green Square is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in the city. The 278 hectare precinct includes Zetland and Beaconsfield, and parts of Rosebery, Waterloo and Alexandria and will eventually be home to 48,000 residents and the workplace for 22,000 people.

Many of these residents will be living in vertical villages, either in the new town centre next to the station or in other new precincts such as Epsom Park, Lachlan Precinct and Victoria Park. It is vital that Green Square’s residents, workers and visitors have open spaces in which to meet and gather, to play and exercise. The park and aquatic centre will complement the library, the plaza, other new parks, and the creative community hub on the former hospital site in creating a vibrant and active neighbourhood.

Leading the way
The City of Sydney is proud of the leadership role it plays in urban design, and pursues design excellence in all of our architecture, landscape and urban design projects.

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