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City-County Building Plaza Design Competition

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City-County Building Plaza Design Competition

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Submission: May 28, 2014
Registration: May 28, 2014
Language: English
Location: Indianapolis, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 15.000     2nd Prize $ 7.500    3rd Prize $ 2.500
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages.

International architecture competition seeking a final conceptual design that would be implemented on an existing 1.94 acre open space on the City-County Building Property also known as the City-County Building Plaza (CCB Plaza).

Where is Indianapolis’ Millennium Park experience? Downtown Indianapolis features several unique public spaces, but none of these spaces offer a full interactive experience.

The new CCB Plaza should serve the residents, employees, and visitors from Market East and downtown Indianapolis. The space should be flexible enough to draw in a young family as well as a retiree. This space should be mentioned in the same breath as other popular urban parks including Millennium Park (Chicago, IL), Jamison Square (Portland, OR), The Yards (Washington D.C), and City Garden (St. Louis, MO). More specific goals and recommendations will be featured in the Design Submittal Document that will be released in accordance with the Timeline.


The design team whose winning design is selected will receive $15,000 (2nd Place – $7,500; 3rd Place – $2,500) and will then be the preferred professional services provider for a full engineering/design contract (upon obtaining available funding) with the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority (IMCBA)

This competition is a two-stage competition. During the first stage, minimum qualifications from design teams will be requested. The second stage is the design submittal.

City-County Building Plaza Design Competition

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