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Urban Urge Awards

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Urban Urge Awards

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Submission: June 15, 2014
Registration: June 15, 2014
Language: English
Location: General
Prizes: 3 x $4,000 Urge Awards     3 x $1,000 Emerge Awards    3 x $500 Urge Seed Grants   3 x $500 Urge School Seed Grants
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

The Urban Urge Awards recognize that multidisciplinary perspectives generate creative interventions to challenges of the urban environment. The Awards encourage new avenues of urban artwork, performance, installation, and support novel means of developing inquiry and generating discussion.

The Urban Urge Awards are designed to push urban and design ideas to have a realized impact in urban communities. The awards are small project grants that will fund physical and/or programmatic interventions. There are six design competition design awards (Urge and Emerge categories), and six project Seed grants. Each award or grant will support testing urban concepts and doing projects that seek to have a positive community, urban or environmental impact.

The Urban Urge Prize is an open international competition. Entries may be submitted by professionals and non–professionals, individuals and teams, and students.

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