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Akepiro Street Design Competition

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Akepiro Street Design Competition

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Submission: June 18, 2014
Registration: June 18, 2014
Language: English
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Prizes: Design contract for the winner
Type: Open competition for architects in two stageswith 5 teams selected for the second stage.

Architectural Design Competition to produce an outstanding exemplar of medium density housing for the development of 11 Akepiro Street, Kingsland.

This Architectural Design Competition is being organised by the New Zealand Institute of Architects Inc and Ockham Residential.

Ockham identifies the following key outcomes as critical to the commercial success of the completed project:

  • Inclusive architecture.
  • A distinctly residential appearance.
  • Built of materials that age gracefully and minimise lifetime costs.
  • A clear construction methodology.

The competition entries should:

  • Provide a minimum of 25 apartments, 30% of which should be 2 bedroom or larger.
  • Provide a minimum of 10 car parking spaces.  (Given the compact site area, it is acceptable that some, or all, of these car parks may only be suitable for compact or micro vehicles.) It is envisaged that a ‘shared’ car arrangement will be implemented in this development.
  • Provide commercial floor space located on the ground floor.
  • Provide apartments with a minimum net internal floor area of 40m2.

It is noted that the competition is to select an architect, architectural graduate, or a team including either one, to develop, document and observe construction of a multi-storey building. While Stage One requires a primarily conceptual design, all entrants should be prepared to develop this to illustrate an approach to construction methodology and structural and servicing requirements should they proceed to Stage 2 of the competition.

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