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Triumph Architectural Rendering Award 2014

Triumph Architectural Rendering Award 2014

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Submission: October 15, 2014
Registration: October 15, 2014 (80$-150$)
Language: English
Location: Río de Janeiro, Brazil
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 2.500     2nd Prize $ 1.000    3rd Prize $ 500
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

International competition to present a design proposal with emphasis on the 3D Rendering for an ice skating rink and cafe pavilion as part of a winter wonderland on a FROZEN Guanabara Bay as a hypothetical scenario. The special importance of this competition is the quality and creativity displayed in the 3D rendering or visualisation of the scene.

The aim of this international competition is not only to recognise the role of architectural 3D visualisation today in the architectural design practice as a useful aid in shaping and presenting design ideas to clients, but also recognise the outstanding achievement and contribution of this skill to the field of contemporary architecture practice and to encourage more engaging collaborations between visualisation studio or and architects. 3D visualisation and the quality of the rendering truly bring a lot of benefits to architecture with its ability to lift a design beyond a clients expectation and allows the client to put themselves within the design proposal.