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Market Shifts Focus To Bespoke Designs

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In the past, Interior design was a very exclusive service. But the entry of many new players, especially online players, has marked a paradigm shift in the market.
Thanks to the growing awareness in the market, also driven by the expansion in the home accessories market, the affordability factor has attracted more end users to try out the interior design elegance at their sweet homes.
Among the providers, a start up that set up a website named Bespoke Room, deserves mention. It offers interior design service at amazing prices. Its founders Diana Greenhalgh and Laura Simpson have 18 years of experience in creative industries and exclusive experience in the interior design industry.
In line with the spurt in awareness, they fund that the property improvement is becoming a passion for many sellers. They identified a gap in the market for accessible and savvy home improvements and interior design brands.

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Very Affordable
With an easy interface, they set up a website through which they can solicit clients. The USP is that they can design and source furniture for £75 per room. All the client has to do is filling up a short questionnaire about the room they are looking for style upgradation.
In the online consultation process, the bespoke team will interact and offer a mood board and virtual shopping list comprising lists of suppliers, retailers and independent shops.

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Basic Tips
In the whole exercise of giving a face lift to a house, they offer some fundamental things to be taken care of.
The whole process is like applying makeup. The base must be right by ensuring walls and flooring have to be appropriate. Dark rooms have to be made welcoming more light. Enhancing them and making them cosy and warm is a challenge.

Wow Factor: It is very essential to create a ‘wow’ factor. For that there must be a focal item, which can be an oversized mirror, beautiful pendant light or a great piece of art.
In a bedroom, the bed can be made the focal point. When a great bed linen is added, it will augment it further. A piece of art must be hung properly at the eye level.

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Lighting: Lighting in a room can be used appropriately to change the mood easily. A good mix of ceiling lights, table lamps and candles can create different moods.

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Accessories: Using new cushions and throws are an affordable way to embellish a room. When a rug is added, it will dramatically transform the room. They also help in creating visual zones and make the room feel more complete and comfortable.

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Add Plants: Always believe that there is scope to transform the look and feel of a room. If you are not green-fingered, faux plants are a great solution and great artificial replicas are there at affordable prices.

Wider Options
In short, the merit of bespoke interior design London is that it gives a wide range of options to play with. For the client, the benefit is materials of the right quality and price can be bought directly under the guidance of the design consultant.

Written by: Lynelle Thompson

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