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FutureBuilt to host global idea competition in collaboration with 120 HOURS

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FutureBuilt to host global idea competition in collaboration with 120 HOURS

In June FutureBuilt and 120 HOURS invite architects and designers from around the world to participate in a brand new kind professional idea competition, spanning five days. The main prize is 50 000 Norwegian Kroner.

FutureBuilt, the ten-year programme for climate-friendly urban development in the Oslo region has partnered with the organizers behind the world’s largest student competition for architects, 120 HOURS. The result is a brand new idea competition, open to both students and professionals within the field of architecture and design. The goal of the competition is to find new and interactive ways to communicate FutureBuilts 50 climate-friendly pilot projects in the Oslo region.

– We are very pleased to have entered into partnership with 120 HOURS, they have an exciting concept that can help us get participants from around the world. We believe that the assignment will be interesting and meaningful to a broad spectre of professionals including designers, architects, interaction designers and communication specialist, says Birgit Rusten, Leader at FutureBuilt

The innovative competition format gives participants five days, or 120 hours, to solve FutureBuilts challenge. The assignment is to develop an interactive concept that will highlight the pilot projects presence in the city. Further details about the project are kept secret until the competition starts on 15 June.

– It is incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to collaborate with FutureBuilt on this competition. 120 HOURS has always been committed to contribute to new thoughts and discussions in our society, and man-made climate change is definitely an area where we need to think in new ways. FutureBuilts efforts to show that it is possible to develop climate-neutral buildings and urban areas with high architectural quality, is completely in line with our own values, says project manager and co-founder of 120 HOURS, Peder Brand.

Third, second and first prize in the contest are respectively 12.500, 25.000 and 50.000 Norwegian Kroner. Read more about the competition and register at: http://futurebuilt.120hours.no/

About FutureBuilt:

FutureBuilt is a ten-year programme (2010-2020) with a vision of developing carbon neutral urban areas and high-quality architecture. The aim is to complete 50 pilot projects – urban areas as well as individual buildings – with the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions. These prototypes will also contribute to a good city environment with regard to ecological cycles, health and the general impression of the city.

The pilot projects are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and material consumption by at least 50 per cent. They will involve high quality architecture and contribute to a better environment for urban dwellers. As of April 2015 FutureBuilt includes 37 pilot projects.

About 120 HOURS:

120 HOURS is a new and unique competition format within the international design and architecture community that gives participants 120 hours to solve a complex and socially relevant project.

Originally developed as a student competition by three students at the Oslo School of Architecture in 2010. After five years the competition has grown to become the world’s largest and most prestigious architecture competition for students and graduate architects – with some of the world’s most renowned architects as jurors.

120 HOURS aims to be an innovative and engaging alternative to the mainstream resource-intensive and rigid design and architectural competitions. 120 HOURS gives talented students and young professionals a voice in the public debate and the attention they deserve.

For more information please contact:

Pia Bodahl
Communications Advisor, FutureBuilt
M: +47 988 52 540
E-mail: [email protected]

Scott Olav Allan
Head of communications, 120 HOURS
M: +47 920 13 972
E-mail: [email protected]