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Student Competition to question the qualities concrete: Trophée béton Écoles

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Student Competition to question the qualities concrete: Trophée béton Écoles

Capture-d’écran-2018-09-10-à-09.18.10-1.png Student Competition to question the qualities concrete: Trophée béton Écoles

The Concrete Schools Trophy invites future professionals to question the aesthetic, technical and environmental qualities of the concrete material.
It takes precedence over the PFE (end of study project) whose architecture and constructive performances highlight the use of the concrete material. All end-of-study projects can be presented, whatever their scale or program, provided they meet the specifications.

Thanks to its multiple variations, concrete occupies a dominant place in architecture and offers great freedom to designers, both aesthetically and technically.
Although 100 years old, concrete is a young material. A favorite material of the twentieth century, he has participated extensively in the development of modern architecture. By its universal character, this continuous and multifunctional material adapts itself as well to organic architecture as to rationalism or minimalism.

The richness of its plastic and structural potentialities, which retain all their relevance in the 21st century, deserves to be explored continuously. This is why, in order to make younger generations aware of the intrinsic qualities of the material and to encourage the development of innovative architectural thinking for its use, the Bétocib, CIMbéton and EFB foundations are at the origin of the creation of an annual concrete trophy appealing to the imagination of students of architecture schools.
This competition is also intended to help students develop their thinking and make their ideas known about architecture. He offers them a first professional platform.

The projects entered in the Concrete Schools Trophy are based on the student’s PFE, which can be completed to meet the specifications.

Applicants can develop certain technical aspects of their end-of-study project (EFP), before or after graduation, in order to meet the specifications. If they wish, they can combine additional skills by forming multidisciplinary teams. In addition, students enrolled in bi-cursus architect-engineer will also participate in the competition.

Candidates will be evaluated according to criteria such as their personal approach in the judicious use of concrete, the architectural quality of their project, their structural and constructive approach as well as taking into account the thermal and environmental requirements of the regulations in force.

Their reflection on the multiple possibilities of the material, the different innovations, on the skin: texture, materials, finesse, thickness, color, will also be taken into account. They will have to conform to the elements of rendering (see section rendered).

Evaluation criteria :
The jury examines the projects according to several criteria:
-Architectural quality
-Coherence and contextual evidence in the choice of concrete material: integration in the site, judicious use of concrete
-Exploration of concrete possibilities: performance / material / thickness / texture / color / shapes
-Structural approach, constructive thinking
-Environmental approach
-Quality and consistency of rendering

Short Description

The competition is open to french architecture student who have presented a diploma project which uses concrete.


Trophée béton

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


1st prize : 5000€
2nd prize : 4000€
3rd prize : 3000€
4th prize : 2000€
And for all of them, a publication in a french architecture magazine, and a participation to an architecture exhibition

Type of Competition

Restricted/Has stricter requirements (Is not open to anyone. Has limitations regarding its participants), More than one stage (Winners selected after at least two selection phases)

Who can Participate

The competition is open to all students of French architecture schools enrolled as end-of-study projects (PFE), or young graduates.
Only those students who have obtained their End of Study Project (PFE) at the 2017 and 2018 sessions will be selected.
Candidates can present themselves either individually or as a team consisting of at least one student architect and can also integrate other student architects and / or a student engineer.
Candidates architects who have not formed a team but wish to benefit from the support of an engineering student, may apply to the secretariat of the Concrete Trophy, within a reasonable time, so that the application can be satisfied.
In teams, an agent must be appointed. He is the sole interlocutor vis-à-vis the secretariat of the contest. In all cases, the PFE of the agent is the support of the project.
All team members must hold either a student card or a diploma dating from 2017 or 2018.

Dates and Time Frame

Winners announcement Date January 10, 2019
Registration Closes September 28, 2018
Deadline to Submit Project September 28, 2018
Winners announcement Date January 10, 2019



Location of Competition


Location of Project (if developed)


Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition

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