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Bauhaus Neue – Framing future of design education

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Bauhaus Neue – Framing future of design education

C1-3.jpg Bauhaus Neue – Framing future of design education

You have to deliver an architectural outcome on the following site, based on the given outlines.

• A maximum of 8 boards/sheets. – [ 2480px x 3508px ] or [ 420mm x 594mm (A2) in 150 dpi ] in portrait digital format (JPEG). Do not increase the DPI beyond 150.
• Each image should be less than 15MB
• You can find the preset PSD, AI, and INDD template files in the ‘additional resources folder.

This additional resources folder contains: FAQ Questions

Minimum requisites in the sheets are 4 sheets/boards + Cover image containing:

• Site plan (Compulsory)
• Key conceptual sections x 1 (Minimum)
• 3D views x 4
• Cover image/Thumbnail of size 2000 x 1000 px or larger in aspect ratio 2:1.
• Floor plans, images, sketches (if any) can be added to support the entry in the form of additional images.
• Answer 6 FAQ questions in the discussion section as given on the ‘additional resources folder’.


+ The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum.
+ Use exploded views to discuss multi-levelled conceptual models better.
+ Ensure that the final sheets which are submitted do not include your name or any other mark of identification.
+ Mention sheet number on the corner of every sheet.
+ This is a design idea challenge only. There is no built commission/realization is associated with the problem
+ Plagiarism of any idea/form/design/image will be disqualified with a notice.

Short Description

Design Challenge: How can we reinterpret philosophies of Bauhaus to create a new design school that fosters a futuristic, bold and radical learning environment in the context of today and tomorrow?
The design challenge can begin with design disciplines that exist today like Architecture, Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Textile design or Conceive new disciplines entirely springing from fundamental learning programs. The competition will not focus on creating curriculum but innovation in spaces that nurture them.


Classroom Competitions

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


Prize pool of worth 20000$
First Prize: 5000$ (For students and professionals)
Runner up: 6 x 1100$ (For 3 x students)
People’s Choice: 4 x 600$ (For 4 x students)
Honorable mention 12 x 500 (Students): 500$ Each

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

Minimum eligible age for participation is 18 years.
There is no restriction to the degree or design disciplines to participate in the challenge.
Participation in the competition can happen in a team as well as an individual.
There is no restriction to the number of members who can participate in a team.
The challenge is open worldwide for anyone to participate.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens July 5, 2019
Registration Closes November 28, 2019
Deadline to Submit Project December 8, 2019
Winners announcement Date January 18, 2020



Location of Competition


Additional Information

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