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Results of Architecture that Reacts Competition 2020

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Organized by:

Laka Foundation

Results Announcement Date:

February 1, 2020


01 – Winner for the year 2020: The Ark: Safia Dziri, Megan Stenftenagel, Matt Turlock, with the participation of Emiel Cockx
02 – Laureate of Gold Prize: Glacier Metamorphosis: Aasish Janardhanan
03 – Laureate of Silver Prize: Church of the Otakus: Zhiyi Chen
04 – Laureate of Bronze Prize: The Desalination Generation: Joseph Shenton

Honorable Mentions:

05 – Honorable mention: The Rebirth of Karez: Yuxuan Cai, Zehua Bian, Yuxuan Dai
06 – Honorable mention: Breaking the 4th Wall: Ahmad Hafez, Nezar Abualhalaweh, Hamzeh Al-Thweib
07 – Honorable mention: Protocell: Monika Kalinowska, Denys Karandiuk
08 – Honorable mention: Two Pieces and a Rubber Band: Santiago Diaz Giral
09 – Honorable mention: Worm Space: Zi Kang Lim
10 – Honorable mention: Mycokarst: Anna Budnikova (M-A SPACE)
11 – Honorable mention: Adaptation In Augmentation: Md. Shariful Alam Anik
12 – Honorable mention: Climatree: Raymond McGreal
13 – Honorable mention: Regen Pods: A multifaceted design approach for tomorrow
14 – Honorable mention: Mod City: Fernando Meseguer Zapata

Detailed/Aditional Information:

More than 350 participants from 40 countries. Over 200 entries were given thorough consideration by the international panel of Judges. The subject of the competition is architectural, urban, technological, or product design that is capable of dynamic interaction with its social, natural, or built surroundings. The main focus of the competition is on solutions developed through a process of changes and adjustments. Achieving such a goal requires an interdisciplinary approach that often goes beyond typical solutions.
The winning projects often took advantages from disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, bio design and bio fabrication, computational design, materials science, bio architecture, social sciences, industrial design, mobility, and more.

This year, thanks to the collaboration with Solarlux, we would like to invite all participants and collaborators to join us during the Architecture in Foyer conference (hosted by Solarlux) on 23 & 24 April 2020 (more info: https://architektur-im-foyer.com/en/, registration for the event:: https://designeducates.com/register-event/).

Website of Competition:

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  • 01-Winner-for-the-year-2020-LQ.jpg
    The Ark
    First Place
    Safia Dziri, Megan . . . Stenftenagel, Matt Turlock, with the participation of Emiel Cockx
  • 02-Laureate-of-Gold-Prize-LQ.jpg
    Glacier Metamorphosis
    Second Place
    Aasish Janardhanan
  • 03-Laureate-of-Silver-Prize-LQ2.jpg
    Church of the Otakus
    Third Place
    Zhiyi Chen
  • 04-Laureate-of-Bronze-Prize-LQ.jpg
    The Desalination . . . Generation
    Fourth Place
    Joseph Shenton
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