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Create a new concept of porcelain slab: Restile 2020

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Create a new concept of porcelain slab: Restile 2020

banner_logorestile.jpg Create a new concept of porcelain slab: Restile 2020

RESTILE is the contest promoted by Mirage and directed towards designers, creatives and project designers, aimed at identifying new aesthetic horizons for the production of porcelain stoneware slabs.
It’s a project with the aim of finding innovative product solutions driven by style trends and an alternative approach to redefining the Vision of porcelain stoneware.

The objective of RESTILE is to create a product or collection which is, above all, innovative, by means of an original interpretation of the aesthetic quality of the material.
Collection means a series of tiles sharing a common design concept, offered in different colour variants.
Participants are required to submit one or more product Concepts following the criteria indicated below, which are considered as binding.
For the 2020 edition, Mirage requires a personal and original reinterpretation of ceramic decorations in the 1200×2780 mm size, to be used as a wall covering with vertical installation, for two different application contexts, hereafter defined as “Projects”:
Wall Project: Linear wall with 3-4 slabs side-by-side, with an application potential that can range from private to public (by way of example, but not in exhaustive terms: living area, wellbeing area, reception, restaurant);
Shower box Project: Shower cubicle composed of 2-3 slabs;

Every participant, subject to registration on the www.miragecontest.com website, may submit one or more concepts for one or both projects, with a maximum of 5 concepts in total.
The concept of reinterpretation is free and may range from the selection of references to the material’s particular natural beauty, arriving at more contemporary or abstract approaches, as far as conceptual deconstruction solutions of the product taken as a reference.

The project therefore can be conceived and structured freely on the basis of new material and graphic references, but concepts based on the reference products already present in the Mirage slabs range available in the 1200×2780 size will also be considered. https://www.mirage.it/en/special-solutions/large-size-slabs/
The concept must involve ideas regarding decorative graphic pattern(s) and a hypothetic range (maximum 3/4 colours or graphic subjects per concept), besides the possibility of combination between them.

The product must be conceived right from the design phase in such a way that it can be producible on an industrial scale.
Concepts that involve patterns or illustrations that do not have graphic continuity between one slab and another are required in order to avoid graphic misalignments deriving from the production process of porcelain stoneware. In the same way, motifs that require precise centring inside the
format are to be avoided.

Submission of the project(s) is possible only online at the www.miragecontest.com website, subject to registration and acceptance of the conditions deriving from the Contest Regulations.

Delivery of the working papers must occur by, and not later than, 11 December 2020 (4 pm – GMT+2 ) and the winners will be announced on the www.miragecontest.com site. Any further information will be communicated through the same site.

The best proposals will be awarded by a Jury on the basis of four fundamental criteria:
• Creativity;
• Technical-productive feasibility;
• Compliance with the contest objectives in terms pf the presented product (the “objectives” section of this brief);
• The innovative quality, compared to the current scenario;

The minimum output required is a series of working papers and documents able to demonstrate and describe in a complete way the aesthetic characteristics of the proposed product.

The Jury will proclaim a number of winning projects, with a minimum of 3 for each of the two categories referred to the Contest

Short Description

Are you a young designer? Are you ready to take a challenge? We are waiting for your idea.
Restile is a competition aimed to designers and innovators, sponsored by Mirage. Restile purpose is to find new talents that can create a new concept of porcelain slabs. A project that wants to find a new product design, enriched by a creative approach, intended to re-create the vision of porcelain stoneware.

The contest stands out as a real crowdsourcing addressing young planners, designers and creative minds in order to present a personal interpretation of ceramic tile with an alternative design proposal.
The contest sets out to define an innovative product in terms of material and appeal, giving all interested parties the opportunity to express their creativity and develop a visionary concept.



Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


The Jury will proclaim a number of winning projects, with a minimum of 3 for each of the two categories referred to in the “Objectives” section in point A of Contest Regulations.
Each of the winning projects will receive a prize of € 500.00 (amount net of legal deductions), besides the exhibition of their project on the online and offline channels on which Mirage will organise specific communication activities.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

The contest is open to everyone, and it will be online only
The contest is open to everyone and participation is free.
The contest is aimed at architects, designers, project designers and more in general creatives from all over the world.
Every participant is permitted the presentation of one or more concepts

The minimum output required is a series of working papers and documents able to demonstrate and describe in a complete way the aesthetic characteristics of the product.

The minimum documents required for participation in the Contest are set out below:
• Brief description of the project for a maximum of 3,000 characters (including spaces) that indicates the title of the project and the inspiration behind it;
• Graphic working papers (drawings, rendering, etc.) able to reveal the aesthetic qualities of the product, the material characteristics (surface structure, if present), colour range, the possibility of combinations between different proposals;
• Power Point/Keynote presentation with a maximum of 20 slides, describing the concept and proposed project.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens October 30, 2020
Registration Closes December 11, 2020
Deadline to Submit Project November 11, 2020
Winners announcement Date December 30, 2020



Location of Competition


Location of Project (if developed)

no country

Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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