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3° edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD

International-wood-furniture-design-competition.jpg 3° edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD

TABU Spa, located in Cantù, international reference in the dyeing technology of natural and multilaminar wood, organizes and promotes the 3° edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD 2020/2021, aimed at the design of:

geometric, organic or combined decorations according to one of the following methods:

aimed at the creation of multilaminar wood veneers, 650 x 3060 mm;
aimed at the creation of industrial inlays (Graffiti Collection by Tabu) both on dyed natural veneers and on multilaminar wood veneers – or freely assemblable – for the production of 1260 x 3060 mm panels;
aimed at the development of three-dimensional surfaces (Groovy Collection by Tabu) made with the technique of the embossed relief or the bas-relief for the production of 1260 x 3060 mm panels;
aimed at the development of wooden surfaces for state-of-the-art boiserie (new SKEENS Collection by Tabu) for the production of 620 x 3000 mm panels;

The submitted solutions shall be original. Furthermore they shall be aimed at enhancing the company’s work. The aesthetic quality of the presentation and considerations about the technical feasibility of the project will be positively evaluated. The indication of at least one wood species / veneer certified as per the FSC® list (see link to the document) and the attention to the re-use of the wood and to the optimization of its use in the production processes will also be positively evaluated.

Short Description

The international competition, at its 3rd edition, is organized by Italian company Tabu and relates the design of decorations for wooden surfaces.



Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


The total prize money of € 10,000.00 will be distributed as follows:
PROFESSIONALS Category: 1° prize € 5,000.00
STUDENTS Category: 1° prize € 5,000.00

Type of Competition

Restricted/Has stricter requirements (Is not open to anyone. Has limitations regarding its participants), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

Professional designers under the age of 39 and all students of the Universities of Architecture and Engineering, Design Schools and Fine Arts Academies

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens November 4, 2020
Registration Closes May 31, 2021
Deadline to Submit Project May 31, 2021
Winners announcement Date July 2, 2021


English, Other

Location of Competition


Location of Project (if developed)


Additional Information

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