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Feeel Design World Prize

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Feeel Design World Prize

feeel-design-world-prize-684x400-1.jpg Feeel Design World Prize

Feeel Design company, together with an international team of professionals, has created a platform for the implementation of bold design ideas with the use of natural materials. The aim is to create small series and individual items that will not break, won’t be thrown away, and will last for decades, pleasing the owner’s eye. In this competition organiser strives to get away from fashion, trends, move beyond marketing and get back to artistic design, which is object design in fact.

Organizer would like to find professionals with a recognizable style and unique creative techniques. They strive to find new objects to design, ready to discover craftsmen to create the most complex products, furniture, objects and interiors.

In the design and creation of products by hand, preference has always been given to simplicity, laconic forms, revealing the natural, natural qualities of materials, and decor designed to please the eye has always found a place as well.
Organizer would like to embody these ideals in modern objects that could not only please the eye, but also serve for decades, if not centuries. To become for their owners sources of calmness and anchors in the stormy streams of information and changes that are falling on us every day. What kind of objects they will be, how they will look like it’s up to you.


➜ Furniture: series
➜ Furniture: collections
➜ Art & Crafts projects: interior design
➜ Prize of the industry: creators
➜ Architectural products: partitions and screens
➜ Architectural products: shelves and vine holders
➜ Product design: Light
➜ Product design: Object
➜ Nature project
➜ Park and Garden
➜ Prize of the industry: Object
➜ Furniture: Chill & Relax

Evaluation Criteria:

An experienced jury of architects, designers, production specialists, experts, leading figures in architecture and design media will rate each Participant in the following aspects:

➜ Unlocking the potential of natural materials
➜ Aesthetics of the product
➜ Potential production technologies (in selected categories)
➜ Originality of the product
➜ Potential longevity

Both long listed products, shortlisted products and winners will be announced between 20 November 2021 and 10 December 2021.

Short Description

Feeel Design World Prize – award for designers and creative people who build material environment.
When projects come true!


FEEEL design

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


In each category, in addition to the honorary categories, the following awards are determined:

➜ The honorable third place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
➜ An honorable second place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
➜ First place – an award, a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.

There is also a Grand Prix competition award for the best project.

All winners of all categories, except for honorary categories and interior categories, will be considered by Feeel Design and special partners of the award as a potential designer of serial products with the possibility of making a contact.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

The competition is open to individuals, private designers, creative associations and companies worldwide.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens May 17, 2021
Registration Closes October 14, 2021
Deadline to Submit Project October 14, 2021
Winners announcement Date December 10, 2021


English, Spanish, French, German

Location of Competition

Toronto, Canada

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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