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Results of the Millennial House Architecture Competition

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Organized by:

Concursos AG360

Results Announcement Date:

July 8, 2021


Lucia Andrea Franco
Julieta Ivana Lazcano
Georgina Cecilia Burgos
Flavio Arturo Tórrez

Honorable Mentions:

Alberto Cruz Carvajal
Claudia Jiménez Bautista
Alejandra Cepeda R.
Roberto Arcos Ramos

Detailed/Aditional Information:

1st Place:
Lucia Andrea Franco
Julieta Ivana Lazcano
Georgina Cecilia Burgos
Flavio Arturo Tórrez
From: Córdoba, Argentina
The Luxury Box was born with the idea of satisfying the needs for whom it was created, the Millennial Generation, which not only seeks to cover basic needs, but also takes them to another level, to a level of excellence, with large multitask spaces and a imposing architecture for its fine and luxurious shapes and a geometry that invites you to look at the sky. At the top.
The Millennial House Unit represents a contemporary architecture of the 21st century and at the same time it is timeless thanks to its minimalist shapes and its materials extracted from nature that are integrated into any country, city and environment.Two volumes that are combined almost in their minimal expression, intertwine to form terraces and house the main activities: social and private. Maintaining through its windows, the opening to the outside, towards the natural environment created.
The ground floor is formed as a free floor with multiple social activities and represents the active life of the house. The space is contained with a solid volume that houses the services of the common area.The upper floor is made up of the bedrooms, which are adaptable for up to 3 people living privately. Each bedroom will be able to adapt in addition to the bed and storage, a personal desk for more personal activities. All bedrooms will have direct access to the private seclusion. In the highest part, a lid was installed for the elevated tank, solar panels and common facilities services.

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  • 1-GANADORES-MH-a.jpg
    First Place
    Lucia Andrea . . . Franco, Julieta Ivana Lazcano, Georgina Cecilia Burgos, Flavio Arturo Tórrez
    Córdoba, Argentina
  • 2-GANADORES-MH-a.jpg
    Second Place
    Alberto Cruz . . . Carvajal, Claudia Jiménez Bautista, Alejandra Cepeda R,. Roberto Arcos Ramos
    México City, . . . México
  • 3-GANADORES-MH-a.jpg
    Green set
    Third Place
    Juan D. Rábago . . . Almanza, Diego A. Crespo Tolentino, Jonatan Rodríguez M.
    México City, . . . México
  • 4-GANADORES-MH-a.jpg
    The Apple
    Special Mention
    José A. Pérez . . . Corrales, Mariana Álvarez Isaza, Brayan Tuberquia Muñoz, Christian J. Pinta Alfonso, Mallely Cano Mira
    Medellín, Colombia
  • 5-GANADORES-MH-b.jpg
    Glass box
    Honorable Mention
    Emiliano Frega, . . . Lucas Maitini, Livila Platania
    Paris, France
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