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Pin Up Gallery – Design A Dedicated Jury/Pin Up Space

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Pin Up Gallery – Design A Dedicated Jury/Pin Up Space

Insta-Poster-Competition-2.jpg Pin Up Gallery - Design A Dedicated Jury/Pin Up Space

As an architecture student we work on many different studio programs such as housing, commercials, healthcare , urban topics & many other design categories. Over the course of these 5 years, each student approximately pin’s up his/her work for approximately more than 50 times for juries & viva.
In most of the cases the pin up’s are done in the studio itself ( in that case one has to move drafting tables here & there to create some space for jurors while your friends mount on the table to see you get grilled and the rest are just standing for hours ). Other areas of pin up are an empty hall or along the corridor but here is one thing, none of these spaces are designed to host a jury in first place. We being the architecture students & architects actually force the function of taking jury in these spaces.

The entire 5 years of the degree we are taught about space organization but when it comes to our own Pin – Up areas do you think we have done anything over the years ?
To us it seems it very are just not organized when it comes to dedicated jury spaces.
Can you think of a space which is capable of holding standard architectural juries ?
An enclosure that can serve as a gallery of works of students. A unit that can become the identity of your architecture college . A space where one feels motivated to give jury & has multiple plug and play space options depending on the use. If yes, then come join this revolutionary design problem & lets find a solution for the present & upcoming generation of architecture students.

Short Description

The Challenge is to design a dedicated area which can host architecture juries/viva & pin up of other subjects. The aim of the competition is to develop a module of “Jury Space” which is innovative bold & dynamic , multifunctional , aesthetically appealing & most importantly it should be functional & user friendly.



Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


TOTAL PRIZE MONEY : INR 75,000 + 10 Honorable Mentions
1st Prize – INR 40,000 + Certificate + Publication
2nd Prize – INR 25,000 + Certificate + Publication
3rd Prize – INR 10,000 + Certificate + Publication
– BEST STUDENT DESIGN ENTRY : Certificate + Publication
– BEST ARCHITECT DESIGN ENTRY : Certificate + Publication
– BEST DESIGN PRESENTATION AWARD : Certificate + Publication

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

The competition is open for all creative minds irrespective of their profession. Minimum eligible age for participants is 18 years. A team can have maximum 3 members. Participants can submit multiple entries but each entry needs to be registered with different mail id. You can also participate as an individual.Registration fees are non-refundable.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens November 24, 2021
Registration Closes February 5, 2022
Deadline to Submit Project February 28, 2022
Winners announcement Date March 28, 2022



Location of Competition


Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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