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El Pantà de Sau Mini Challenge

AdobeStock_189224833.jpeg El Pantà de Sau Mini Challenge

Design a meditation place in the impressive setting of El Panta de Sau using only one image. This image will show either:

– the external building you have designed within this dramatic landscape


– an interior meditation space that you have imagined with a strong connection to the outside scenery

This one image can be a sketch, visual, render, drawing, painting or photoshopped image, anything that can embody and communicate the essence of your mini design.


Considering the current environmental crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing globally, it is important that we use our expertise as designers to create considerate and thoughtful sustainable architecture that feeds and nourishes both the earth and us as people.

With this in mind, we are asking for applicants to design a piece of vernacular architecture that will be environmentally conscious with a minimal carbon footprint. It should set an example for how architecture can work with the surrounding landscape and benefit areas such as this protected natural park.

This can be any type of structure, i.e. a tent, tree house, shed, floating platform, cave, etc. and made from any local materials; i.e. timber, sand, stone, compacted earth, reeds, etc.

The idea is to provide a space for meditation and reflection for visitors and the local community to come and step out of their everyday troubles, with a close connection to the surrounding nature and scenery.

Short Description

Submit one image to be published on our website and printed in our competition booklet. Design a building or meditation space in this unique landscape.
This one image of your design can be a sketch, visual, render, drawing, painting or photoshopped image.
This is an opportunity to show your design skills to our global platform where it will be seen by thousands of architects, designers and students world wide.


Larsen Livepool

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form



Photos and information about the winners will be published on our website and in our printed competition booklet.


ALL ENTRIES WILL BE DISPLAYED IN OUR VIRTUAL GALLERY AND PRINTED IN THE SAU COMPETITION BOOKLET. This is a global platform where your work will be visible for thousands of international architects and designers to see.

Larsen Liverpool is providing an opportunity to showcase your skill and creativity. This competition is open to all design students.

We are trying to gain momentum by hosting this, and future, competitions so that we may create a platform for designers to share their work and have their say! Many competition hosts select a small group of work to put forward and display and many of the amazing projects that are produced are not displayed. We want to celebrate your hard work and showcase it within our virtual gallery! Register now and take part to have your work showcased.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate



Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens January 23, 2022
Registration Closes April 4, 2022
Deadline to Submit Project April 4, 2022
Winners announcement Date April 11, 2022


English, Spanish, Other

Location of Competition

Sant Romà de Sau, Barcelona, Spain

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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