Results of: Mountain Spa – Architecture Competition

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Organized by:

Concursos Ag360

Results Announcement Date:

December 28, 2022


1st Place:
Beijing, CHINA
Feng Xin
Lu Guancen
Jeff Wu

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention:
Edo. de México, MÉXICO
Leonardo Daniel Prot Kanter
Rodrido Alexander Fernández Molina

Detailed/Aditional Information:

The MOUNTAIN SPA is presented as a real and different option for all those who wish to be in balance with the natural ecosystem, in a relaxingenvironment and in the midst of contemporary architecture.

An architectural element of contemplation will be created as a temporary shelter space, amidst the snowy landscape of the Swiss Alps. The Mountain
Spa will offer visitors the experience of an open-air hot springs spa, with private Jacuzzis and all the infrastructure for a day of total relaxation.

The Spa will have a coffee shop and a viewpoint, its mere presence will mark a milestone in the landscape and will become a must for visitors and tourists in the area.

Website of Competition:

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  • Arc of light
    First Place
    Feng Xin, Lu . . . Guancen, Jeff Wu
    Beijing, CHINA
  • The stone that sees the . . . landscape
    Second Place
    Leonardo Daniel . . . Prot Kanter, Rodrido Alexander Fernández Molina
    State of Mexico, . . . MEXICO
  • Mountres
    Third Place
    Thanos Panaretou
    Limassol, Cyprus
  • Sense Five Spa
    Special Mention
    Thea Barth
    Oslo, Norway
  • Mountain Spa
    Honorable Mention
    Lazlo Rozsas, Anna . . . Rozsas
    Champfer, Switzerland
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