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Feeel Design World Prize ‘ 3rd season

fdwp_500x600_carmin_3_2.jpg Feeel Design World Prize ' 3rd season

Feeel Design World Prize – award for designers and creative people who build material environment

Feeel Design company, together with an international team of professionals, has created a platform for the implementation of bold design ideas with the use of natural materials.

We aim to create small series and individual items that will not break, won’t be thrown away, and will last for decades, pleasing the owner’s eye. In this competition we strive to get away from fashion, trends, move beyond marketing and get back to artistic design, which is object design in fact.

We want to break out of the fast fashion world and create elegant haute couture sets for those who can appreciate it. At the same time we’ll discover some new bright names to the world of interior and industrial design. So all creative people who will join us on this path are welcome.

From the participants of our competition we expect the desire to combine function, rationalism, design, form and decor in their projects – both large-scale and small, as well as the use of natural materials and, above all, attention to the senses and comfort of the future owner.

We hope that our prize and ideas will attract designers, artists, architects and craftsmen, as well as supporters from all over the world. We’ll be able to create objects and interiors, filled with the spirit of various arts, crafts and local traditions. There is a lack of such things today, and a true designer and artist can find oneself in this kind of creative process

Below are the categories to submit your project.
The number of projects submitted by one person, company or creative team is not limited. If you are in a doubt about which category to choose – leave the corresponding field empty – the moderator will send your work to the most suitable.

1. Furniture Design:
+ Series
+ Collections
+ Chill & relax

2. Interior design:
+ Contemporary interiors
+ Classic interiors
+ HoReCa
+ Offices

3. Prize of the Industry:
+ Creator
+ Object

4. Architectural product:
+ Partitions & screens
+ Shelves & wine holders

5. Design:
+ Light
+ Object
+ Park & garden
+ Textile & carpets

6. AI Generated Design – NEW CATEGORY!
+ Product Design
+ Interior Design
+ Architecture

7. Pure Metal

All winners of all categories, except for honorary categories and interior categories, will be considered by Feeel Design and special partners of the award as a potential designer of serial products with the possibility of making a contact.

Entry fees have been set as low as possible to encourage entries from every type of design practice around the world. There are reduced rates for individuals, young specialists and students. All entrants can save assets by submitting their entries before the early entry deadline.

+ Early entry until 10 February 2024: 70 USD per project

+ Standard entry until 01 May 2024: 100 USD per project

+ Late entry until 05 July 2024: 130 USD per project

50% off discount for students.

Student’s discount can’t be applied for the AI Generated Design category


Jury Members:

Year after year, our award assembles a remarkable jury team, featuring top-tier professionals from the market. Their expertise ensures that our accolade is not just a recognition but a true benchmark of excellence in the industry:
Karim Rashid, Arik Levy, Thomas Pheasant, Fabio Novembre, Paola Navone, Nina Takesh, Alain Gilles, Alvin Wayne…

Short Description

International Design Award: Furniture Design + Art + Interior Design.
Main prize – prototype fabrication.
Incredible Jury team.
Discounts for students and young specialists.


Feeel Design

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


Our competition and the prize is designed to develop new architectural products and, with the help of new artists and designers, create objects and collections that can become a decoration of the interior, garden, a part material environment for many years.

The main prizes and trophies of our competition are full-size products created according to your sketches, which you have designed and proposed to our jury. In addition, Feeel Design — a company specializing in custom-made products, will offer a contract for the production of your items.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements)

Who can Participate

The competition is open to individuals, private designers, creative associations and companies that have exclusive copyright for the product / item / image that they would like to submit to participate in The Competition.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens November 27, 2023
Registration Closes July 30, 2024
Deadline to Submit Project July 30, 2024
Winners announcement Date October 20, 2024



Location of Competition


Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition

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