Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive
Architecture, Design and Urbanism Competition Results Archive


The Green Carpet

The inspiration of the design is a “Green Carpet” which features the extension of the landscape onto the building roof. As a “GIFT” to Hong Kong, the design aspires to create a pleasant green public space for gathering, leisure and even a venue for picnic. At the same time, the building is highly functional as an office for small-to-medium enterprises (SME) and research & development (RD). It is also a gateway building to the rest of the Science Park Phase 3 development. This design is the fusion of landscape and architecture.

This design is an architectonic expression of cutting a green carpet (the landscape) and folding it up (as the building roof). It creates a new dimension of public space and an iconic building form which resembles a gateway.

The building is situated at the Gateway Park facing Chong San Road and Tolo Highway. The landscape is brought to the podium level by the Grand Steps. The Green Boulevard extends across the site and connects to the rest of the Phase 3 development by a footbridge. By situating the sloped building clusters on the two sides, the exposure to natural lighting and view are substantially increased. In addition, the pocket spaces at the Green Boulevard provide a vibrant platform for idea exchange and breeding of talents.

Winners of Honk Kong Science Park Gift Design Ideas Competition

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