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ISTANBUL Community Market COMPETITION winners

ISTANBUL COMMUNITY MARKET IDEAS COMPETITION had as a starting point to bring to discussion the Marketplace typology: its present challenges and future opportunities. The competition called for proposals that brought to light the positive qualities of markets and test them in the specific context of Istanbul, where the urban commercial […]

24H 6th Edition WInners

First Place Team Deborah Feldman Cosmin O. Galatianu City Bucharest Country Romania Second Place Team Simon Oudiette City Strasbourg Country France Third Place Team Joanna Orlowska Adrianna Gilert City Gdansk Country Poland Honorable Mention Team Ana Rita Vale André Calvete City Porto Country Portugal Honorable Mention Team Esteban Ponso Maximiliano […]

24H 5th edition winners

First Place Team Egor Orlov City Kazan Country Russian Federation Second Place Team Bastian Landgraf Niklas Martin City Berlin Country Germany Third Place Team Berta Cusó Benjamin Nicaud City Berlin Country Germany Honorable Mention Team Dionisio Leva José Llorens City Seville Country Spain Honorable Mention Team Petra Krajcova Martin Krivanek […]

Winners for the ‘PORTO Pool Promenade COMPETITION’

First Place Team Greek Team Members Konstantinos Kosmos Nestoras Skantzouris Country Greece Profession Architect Second PLace Team Ploish Team Members Katarzyna Tocsynska Katarzyna Lesiewska Alicja Wozniak Country Poland Profession Architect Third Place Team Italian Team Members Lorenzo Majer Anna Merci Marta Bianchi Country Italy Profession Architect Honorable Mention Team Portuguese […]

24H COMPETITION 4th edition // nowadays nomadays – school house trailer //

First Place Team Martin Herzan Anna Glajc Country/City Austria, Vienna Profession Architect Second Place Team Annie Stockeld Jessica Kos Petrus Torstenson Mirjam Berg Country/City Sweden, Gothenberg Profession Architect Third Place Team Sofia Taboada Tadeu Alves Country/City Portugal, Lisbon Profession Architect Honorable Mention 1 Team Juraj Kacenko Eva Birov Country/City Austria/Vienna […]

Announcement of the MH17 Memorial + Park Competition Results

First Place Team William Smith Hiroshi Kaneko Country USA Second Place Team Meaghan Hunter Kristen Struthers Danielle Loeb Country Canada Third Place Team Fabian Tolosa Ariel Perea Ignacio Pereyra Country UK & Argentina Honorable Mention Team Sarly Adre Sarkum Erdayu Oshara Omar Qhawarizmi Norhisham Yasmin Abdul Rahman Country Malaysia Honorable […]

24H COMPETITION 3rd edition // antarctic scientific refuge // results

1st Place Team Members André Guiraud Philippe Jolivet Country France City Bordeaux 2nd Place Team Members Simon Oudiette Joffrey About Country France City Strasbourg 3rd Place Team Members Martin Herzán Anna Glajc Country Austria City Vienna Honorable Mention Team Members João Ramos Maria Castilho Miguel Esteves Country Portugal City Lisboa […]

[AC-CA] Milan World Expo Pavilion competition Finalists

1st Place: 116385 This proposal creates an impressive landmark with a strong link to the Milan Expo theme. A poetic concept that interprets different symbols as architectural components with a building skin formed by movable matter resulting in transformable appearance both inside and outside. It also presented an impressive visualization […]

winner of the Mumbai City Museum North Wing Design Competition.

Finalist Lead AL_A Members PK Das Arup Turner & Townsend GROSS. MAX Superflux Finalist Lead Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos Members Malik Architecture Arup and Empty Finalist Lead OMA + S&K Members Meinhardt India Houtman + Sander GMD Consultants Langdon Seah Finalist Lead Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects Members Christopher Charles […]