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Competition New elementary school in Fronton

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Architecture restricted competition
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Application Submission: April 26, 2013
Language: French
Location: Fronton, France
Prizes: 20.000 € for each selected team.
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 3 teams selected.

Restricted competition for the construction of a primary school in R +1 in the city of Fronton, with 8  lines and classes of 32 students and aditional 5 classes. Located about 600m from the historical center of the city of Fronton, the solar project falls between two input shafts of the city.

The estimated area of the project is 2500m ² and the cost of the works is estimated at 4.74 million euros

Selection criteria for participants:
– The capacity (human, professional, technical and material of team members)
– The nature and quality of the references provided


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