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Competition Historical Center of Calp

by soyeladministradorlocodetcb
Open architecture competition
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Submission: September 15, 2013
Registration: April 30, 2013
Language: Spainsh
Location: Calp, Spain
Prizes: 1st Prize 50.000 €     5 Prizes of 3.000 € each
Type: Open competition for architects

International architectural competition for economic social and environmental revitalizationof the  historic center of Calpe, Spain. The historical center, delimited in the General Urban Plan will be the scope of the intervention of the projects. The study should analyze relationship between the Old Town and the rest of the City.

The objectives of this project are:

1st. – Economic. From the economic approach, we observed that during the last years, even if some improvements and proceedings have been undertaken, there is a visible decline in the business activity with a limited setting up of new activities in the Old Town of Calp

2nd. – Social. The historic center is identified with the nucleus of the population of Calp, which requires a special sensitivity not only as part of the history of a people, so also be taken all possible measures to keep alive his own essence, identity and idiosyncrasy as a part of the city. It has been detected in recent decades a progressive aging of the population and of the building, with some houses uninhabited with the consequent loss of quality residential use, what not to act could even produce indoor socially, as has happened in other cities.

3rd. – Environmental. The above-mentioned situation also entails the deterioration of urban spaces of this territorial area. Considering this situation, during the last years we have undertaken some actions without a common thread; providing these punctual actions with a global coherence would result essential to act over this type of rich but sensitive spaces from a cultural, social and environmental approach.


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