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Competition La Concorde, Geneva

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Architecture restricted competition
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Application Submission: March 25, 2013
Language: French
Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
Prizes: A total of CHF150.000 ( €120.000)
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 10 teams selected.

Competition organized by the Foundation HBM Emile Dupont, with application stage to replace the buildings on the avenue Henri-Golay 21-23 and 25 -27 of Chatelaine (Geneva). These constructions, in a very simple standard, made ​​in 1959-60, consist of 36 houses and 117 pieces in 2 storeys.

The competition will greatly increase the number of dwellings in this location while benefiting from the construction standards, comfort and energy efficiency of nowadays.
The sector is subject to a wider area contained by a draft master plan of the district, PDQ Concorde, currently being validated.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Understanding the problem 40%
2. References of the candidates 35%
3. General organization of the team 20%
4. Quality of the application file 5%


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